Collagen makes up 75% of your skin, and is crucial for the thickness and support of your skin. Like chains of linked building blocks, collagen is made up of extended chains of amino acid laced together. Even smaller segments of about 3-5 amino acids are what we call peptides. These so called “mini proteins†are active molecules that you find a whole bunch of in many wrinkle creams… a.k.a. they help improve wrinkles to make you look younger!

So, how do these mini proteins improve your deep wrinkles?

Like I said before, peptides are tiny segments of amino acids, which makes up a collagen. When we age, collagen constantly deteriorates. Outcome? More wrinkles. So by replacing destroyed collagen, your wrinkles will improve greatly. This happens by breaking down collagen to form peptides, which signals your skin that it was damaged, and creates new collagens. This process could take up to twelve weeks to see a distinct difference, which might seem like a long time, but if you were to stop using it, say, halfway through, you would be able to notice your skin to begin to form those wrinkles once again. If peptides are proven to work, why not be patient to change something that you have been aspiring to resolve?  Wrinkle-free skin is right around the corner!

We all like the thought of Botox. No, we all might not agree on getting our skin injected with chemicals, but the whole idea of looking younger, now THAT we can all agree on. Peptides are the key to avoiding the doctor’s office and surrounding yourself in a room full of needles and gauze pads. Some peptides are capable of doing exactly what Botox does, which is blocking the nerves to your facial muscles. Yes, you will still be able to move your face the next day; Peptides are not as intense as Botox, but it is a great and natural way to see the benefits of your skin and wrinkles that you would have had to pay boatloads of money for.

Why wait to have newer looking skin? No need to call the cosmetic doctor because Lumavera has products that obtains a great amount of peptides to free your skin of those fine or deep lines! Absolutely every one of our products that we offer includes peptides. By clicking on the “Shop†tab at the top of the page, you will find those products that we provide. We hope that our products will give you that plump and firm skin that you have been looking for!