Get Rid of Acne and Show off Your Beautiful Skin 

Still getting breakouts and want to get rid of acne?

Well, then you must try Lumavera’s trio of Skin Perfection Peel, Oxygenating Masque, and Power glow AHA/BHA Resurfacer. The Lumavera’s trio not only reduces inflammation but controls sebum of skin as well. While salicylic acid in the acne treatments dries up acne, it also eliminates bacteria in the skin pores.

While it promotes the endogenous proteases action, it boosts desmosomal breakdown as well. As time passes, the Mucor extracts up-supervise the generation of Cathepsin D & Stratum Corneum proteases.

Let’s quickly read through this trilogy:

Skin Perfection Peel (with DNA Enzyme Repair)

Exfoliating dead skin cells couldn’t be easier than this…A self-neutralizing home peel; this skincare product is known to lend you a healthy, glowing and radiant skin without any kind of scaling or flaking.

A blended fungal extract, the peel combines peptides collected from Mucor Miehei and polysaccharides taken from Mucor Rouxii. While both the extracts carry their own exfoliating characteristics, combined they perform synergistically and offer an irritation-free great exfoliating effect. As opposed to bigger clumps or flakes witnessed with other peels containing AHAs & BHAs, cells are peeled off as single cells in this Skin Perfection Peel with Enzyme Repair.

Having short term as well as long-term cosmetic advantages, the peel get rid of acne and improves your skin making it smoother, clearer, brighter, and hydrated. Your skin gets firmer and wrinkles & fine lines are also reduced.

Oxygenating Masque

There’s no catch in it. Your skin needs abundant oxygen to remain glowing and acne-free. Oxygenating Masque is one such acne treatment that lends a new kind of radiance to your skin by giving it a fibroblast of oxygen at cellular level.

While mushroom extracts exfoliate your skin deeply, the fruit extracts smoothen and lighten your skin. The two different forms of algae start lifting, tightening, and toning your skin as soon as it’s activated.

Responsible for the production of elastin and collagen, your dermal stem cells are vitalized by this masque. Moreover, it speeds up the natural repairing process of your skin. Your wrinkles reduce while your skin regains its lost firmness. The Vitamin C lightens and protects your skin.

Power glow AHA/BHA Resurfacer

QuSome Technology empowered, this revolutionary complex not only resurfaces but also rejuvenates your skin for faster visible results. QuSomes released over a time period provide high-quality beta & alpha hydroxy acids into your skin layer by layer, hence giving you a beautiful & youthful looking skin at once and without any irritation.

Get a glowing skin that stays bouncy, balanced, and rejuvenated all through the day with phytologist that moisturizes and hydrates your skin 400 times more than sodium hyaluronate. Perhaps, the rare combination of naturally extracted Betaine from beets and hyaluronic acid from mushrooms (Asian) makes this acne treatment different from others.

While cactus extracts work as anti-inflammatory agents, anti-erythema soothes skin when utilizing topical AHA’s.