“Natural†is not a word that we come by too often in this time and day. We, as consumers, are surrounded by chemicals and processed goods, so when we see the words “natural ingredients,†our heads turn. Natural (in most cases) means good, correct? If your answer is yes, then you will love what I am about to share with you!

Plant stem cells have been shown to be the most sensitive to DNA destruction than other cells, which means that they are triggered to repair damaged cells quickly when they come in contact. The older we get, the more damaged our skin cells become; this occurs from environmental toxins, sun damage, chemicals we have put on our skin, etc.

So, how does one prevent these impairments to your skin?

Argan Tree oil is one of Lumavera’s natural ingredients that they use in their products. This oil contains Argan Tree Stem Cells that are crucial for constantly creating new specialized cells for any organ, tissue, or, really, any cell in your body. Because stem cells grow into these parts of our bodies when in contact with them, this creates replenishing of the cells from those that we have lost from that area of our body. Therefore, when you apply our products that contain Argan Tree stem cells to your skin, you will see those damages you have been noticing in the mirror soon diminish!

Not only will Argan Tree stem cells improve the current look of your skin, but they will also protect your skin from here on out! So, those damages that were mentioned above (environmental toxins, sun damage, etc.) will no longer be a big problem (or dark spot) that you will constantly focus on.

Lumavera’s 24-Hour Moisturizer uses PhytoCellTec Argan, which is a plant-derived stem cell technology. This ensures that you are always protecting your skin, along with repairing the damage you have previously done. Our Oxygenating Masque is also a great option to put those Argan Tree stem cells to work, and give you the optimum fresh skin! We work our hardest to produce natural products, so that you can avoid all of the chemicals that many other products obtain.