What causes skin aging and how you can fight it?

Wondering what causes skin aging or facial skin aging and what can you do about it?

Well, none of us wants to look aged. However, majority women get wrinkles and age spots before they even reach a particular age, which is commonly known as premature skin aging.

That being said, let’s see what causes skin aging and how anti aging skin care products can combat it:

Sun exposure Sun radiation causes about 70% of the skin aging by destroying collagen fibers. So, make sure you stay away from too much sun exposure!

Smoking This habit causes premature wrinkles and fine lines especially on places with thin skin such as the area below eyes and above upper lip.

Low protein diet A low protein diet can make your skin rigid and lose its glow. So, you need protein to boost production of collagen, hyaluronic acid & elastic fibers in order to avoid skin aging.

Diet low in fruits & vegetables For those who don’t know, fruits & vegetables are powerhouses of antioxidants that neutralize the oxidative destruction caused by sun, smoking and more.

Genetic Well, your genetic code may be an important reason for your premature skin aging as your ability to fight skin damage is based on your DNA.

Stress Prolonged stress can promote more secretion of stress hormones, thereby speeding up several aging processes in your body.

Excessive use of facial muscles If you do facial movements intensively, then there’s a tendency that your frown lines and other expression lines become permanent.

Sleepless Nights Lack of good night’s sleep might hinder the secretion of growth hormone and your skin might age before time.

Alcohol Liquor results in excessive damage of your skin texture and color causing breakdown of toxic products in deeper layers of your skin.

Here are a few anti aging skin care products that lend you a youthful looking skin in the most natural way:

Lumavera’s Anti Aging Serum with Tri-C Complex

Coming straight from the house of Lumavera, this anti aging serum uses three essential forms of great Vitamin C to enhance your skin tone and elasticity. While these forms promote collagen production, you get a radiant, glowing skin over time.

Perhaps, your skin will continue to shine and smooth down with the prolonged use of this anti aging serum.

Prepared out of natural fruit, vegetable and plant extracts and advanced stem-cell technology. This anti aging skin care product from Lumavera is the best thing you can have in your makeup vanity for skin repair.

Lumavera’s Anti-Aging Eye Cream with Hyaluronic-Peptide Lift

Nothing can fight your fine lines, puffiness and dark circles like an anti aging eye cream from Lumavera can. A perfect amalgamation of latest Plant Stem Cell Technology and peptides promote the regeneration of skin around gentle eye area.

With its regular use, your skin around eyes lightens, brightens and tightens like never before.

So, what awaits you? If wrinkles and dark spots have become a part of your facial skin, it’s time to get your lost glow back with Lumavera’s natural anti-aging skin care product line.