Let’s take a walk down memory lane to our 9th grade Biology course… Stem cells – what are they?

To keep this definition at a somewhat elementary level, stem cells are multicellular organisms that replenish other cells. This causes the stem cell to basically serve as an internal repair system for various parts of your body by dividing, potentially becoming a new cell through a process called differentiation. This process causes the cells to generate new cells from which the divided stem cells reside (stem cells in the skin becoming new skin cells).

Stem cells might become damaged by daily beatings, such as environmental toxins, malnutrition, or additional sun exposure (because, of course, we all wear sunscreen at every second of the day). Because your skin is constantly exposed to these hazards, extra stem cells (from skincare products) are capable of treating skin troubles, such as wrinkles, sun damage, visible vessels, or even skin that has suffered an injury. The skin is constantly renewing, which means there is non-stop replacement of skin cells to take the place of those that are lost or dead. So why not use the best, stem cell-rich products to reveal the greatest you?

Lumavera’s products are very unique in the fact that they obtain Argan Tree Oil, from Argan Trees found in Morocco. This oil attains special stem cells that are crucial to revitalizing your skin, and can help treat many of the skin troubles listed above. Our Oxygenating Masque, Botanical Activating Toner, and Glycolic Overnight Perfecting Crème are just a few of Lumavera’s products that are great for helping those stem cells get to duplicating again!