I’m sure that we have all had the argument with our parents when we think we are right, but it turns out… they really do know more than us. When I was five years old, my poor mother had to sit at the kitchen table with me for two hours to try to get me to eat one piece of broccoli. All she wanted was for me to consume a food that benefits my body, yet I did not understand the importance of this tree-like green vegetable.

Broccoli has so many amazing benefits for your skin that many people do not even realize! Did you know that broccoli can prevent UV radiation? When broccoli extract is applied topically, such as from Lumavera’s products, it directly absorbs into the cells of the skin. Once this happens, the broccoli extract produces a matrix of protective enzymes that defend your skin from UV exposure, which means younger looking skin!

Broccoli is also rich in vitamins C and E, which is great news for your skin. Vitamin C prevents skin aging; therefore, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation of the skin will soon subside. Broccoli is also great for regenerating and repairing your skin by containing both vitamin E, and a substance called glucoraphanin. These ingredients are helpful to give your skin that glowing complexion that you might be wishing to see in the mirror!

I should have believed my mother when she said that broccoli was good for me. Not only does it benefit your body internally when you consume it, but by applying the broccoli extract directly to your skin can make all the difference. You are already beautiful, but why not give your facial skin the boost you’ve been craving?