Benefits of Sulforaphane for Skin.

Place a sponge in water, and you will see the water soak up into the sponge very quickly. Our bodies react almost the same way when we consume food with rich nutrients. Our cells, skin, immune system, or any other part of our body craves beneficial food so that they can work at their full potential – just like Popeye’s muscles strengthening as he throws back a can of spinach.

Broccoli sprouts contain an outstanding amount of benefits for our bodies. Do not confuse broccoli sprouts with your every day broccoli! They are two different types of legumes, and broccoli sprouts have some separate benefits.

These sprouts contain 20x more glucoraphanin than broccoli. To put this in the simplest way possible, glucoraphanin is the key nutrient that makes broccoli known as the superfood that it is! When glucoraphanin is combined with enzymes, and are chewed/broken down, they form sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane, found in broccoli sprouts, assist your body in the following ways:

  • Detox carcinogens are present in sulforaphane, which helps protect against DNA damage from UV light damage. As we approach summertime, our skin will most likely undergo increased sun exposure, which is where Lumavera’s products that contain broccoli sprouts can be beneficial for you!
  • Sulforaphane is known for inhibiting cancers such as prostate, breast, lung, skin, colon, etc. No, I am not saying our products with broccoli cure cancer, but I must say that if this nutrient has the potential to even help your body in that way, how could you reject to use it in even the simplest form, such as a moisturizer?
  • Sulforaphane has the ability to restrain inflammation and oxidative stress. This is beneficial when applied to your skin using our products because it helps any inflammation/irritation your skin might experience with other products, along with helping your skin breathe. As expressed in our past article “Benefits of oxygen for your skin and cells,†oxygenating your skin is crucial to skin and cell growth. So, if your skin is under any oxidative stress, Sulforaphane is great to help your skin begin to accept the oxygen that it is being treated with.

As you can see, Sulforaphane is helpful when applied to your skin, along with generally consuming it. See for yourself that by applying our products that contain broccoli sprouts (Botanical Activating Toner, Oxygenating Mask, etc.) your skin will be able to heal and protect itself from harmful UV rays, along with reducing any inflammation while aiding the oxidation process! Your skin will soon act as if It was Popeye’s left “gun†that just got a taste of a full can of spinach (or broccoli sprouts).