When the words “skin treatment†come out of someone’s mouth, people usually assume the acne or anti-aging treatments are for women. No need to fret, men! Lumavera is a unisex line, so even you have the ability to improve the downfalls in your skin care regiment.

Hormones are a huge contribution to acne for boys, but believe it or not, pimples continue to pop up on men’s faces even after their voices finish changing. Humidity, stress, and heavy sweating (from all of those heavy weights you guys are lifting) are big factors that cause acne, even in your older years. No matter if you think you have the best hygiene in the world, you might still occasionally experience some irritating red bumps. Acne treatments are your key to clearer skin! Lumavera offers a Superfood Facial Cleansing Gel that will act as your acne treatment; it is perfect for cleansing the deepest pores, and giving you that manly glow. This cleansing gel is all natural (like all of our products), so there is no need to worry about irritation from a new acne treatment.

Yes, us women believe that Leonardo DiCaprio does become more attractive with age, but I hate to say it… this is not the case with every man (sorry to be brutally honest). We know that you, men, work hard, but sometimes we really want to tell you that a little pampering of yourself would do you some good! So, here I am speaking on behalf of all of those women biting their tongues. Anti-aging treatments are nothing to be afraid of. They’re just like your over-the-counter facial crème, but it just happens to make you look younger and even better looking than you were before.

Alright alright, so how does a man get his hands on the best anti-aging treatment? On our “Shop†tab, found on the top bar of our website, you will find our entire collection. If you struggle more with the smile lines around your eyes, our Anti-Aging Eye Crème sounds just right for you! If you are wanting to add onto that item in your cart, or if you are just wanting to start plain and simple, the Glycolic Overnight Perfecting Crème is a great option to reduce the wrinkles on your skin.

Men, you are as perfect as you think you are; but as they say, “there is always room for improvement!†Find your acne and anti-aging improvement with Lumavera, today!