They say, “the older one gets, the wiser they are.†Yes, that might be true, but to become wiser, one must have experiences. With those experiences come emotions, which means different facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, raising of the forehead, puckering of the lips, etc. The higher our age, the more these experiences and emotions appear on our face; this is definitely not a bad thing because it means that we have lived, but sometimes we wish that the things that we have gone through would be a little more secretive rather than blatantly showing up on our skin.

Many adults have their skin care regiment that they have been doing for years, and others might still be trying to figure out what regiment actually helps create a clean slate for our skin (by reducing wrinkles, clearing the skin of every day pile up of dirt and bacteria, etc.). If you are an adult that is struggling with fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots from the sun, acne, or redness/ irritation of the skin, you might reconsider the products that you are currently using on your skin!

Lumavera offers products that obtain all natural ingredients that are incredibly beneficial for helping your problematic skin. We have all the products needed for your new and improved skin care regiment that actually WORKS!

If you are an adult that is struggling with acne, your facial cleanser might not fully cleanse your pores of the dirt that builds up. Our Superfood Facial Cleansing Gel is the perfect start to your daily skin care.

After your pores are swiped clean by our cleanser, you might consider using our 24-Hour Stem Cell Firming Moisturizer. This is greatly beneficial to help your skin cells metabolism to speed up, causing your dull skin to look fresh! All of your time in the sun and stress that causes a breakdown of your skin will soon be improved.

For those that would like to improve their “tired eyes,†Lumavera’s Anti-Aging Eye Cream with Hyaluronic-Peptide Lift. After adding this product to your nightly routine, your fine lines from smiling over all these years will gradually fade away, and the skin around your eyes will start to look alive and light up again!

I don’t know about you, but I am a straw guru. Whether it’s soda, tea, or even water, I am always sipping out of a straw. The Lip Filler with Dual Peptide is made to help people like me with fine lines around the lips, along with adding a little fullness to your lips. No, this product will not give you Kylie Jenner lips, but your significant other might see that your lips look more alive than they did before you used the Lip Filler.

Because our products are simply natural, irritation and redness of your skin is bound to reduce greatly, compared to other companies chemically-filled skin care products.

Having a skin care regiment that creates a clean slate for your skin is crucial to having the young look that every adult is wishing they could have once again. Life happens, no one can fight nature! We cannot take back the facial expressions that come with every moment, but Lumavera can help you take back some of those years on your face to help you enjoy your appearance in the new experiences.