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Seeding Luxury
Written by Miranda Whitworth
There is a revolution taking place in the world of health. Fresh from the farm superfoods are making their way into the kitchen more than ever before. Vitamin rich greens, healthy oils and fruits bursting with antioxidants are nourishing and strengthening our bodies from within. Can we use these vitamins and ingredients to make the same healthful impacts on our skin? David Vargas says his line of luxury skin care products is doing just that.
Born and raised in the California’s Central Valley Vargas is no stranger to agriculture and the healing properties of super foods like kale, broccoli sprouts, prickly pear cactus and aloe vera. Using traditions handed down through his mother’s family, Vargas saw firsthand during childhood how remedies relying on natural, vitamin infused ingredients could protect the skin, brighten complexions and heal in ways no over the counter brand could.
Now he’s taken the philosophy behind his mother’s family secrets and combined it with cutting edge plant cell technology to create Lumavera. The complete luxury line of skincare products formulated with plant cell technology, virgin botanical extracts, anti-oxidant rich super foods and advanced molecular ingredients are the best options for those who care as much about the products they put on their skin as the foods they put in their body.
According to Vargas making Lumavera just made sense. After many years as a farmer and rancher himself and having seen first the health benefits of farm to table food sourcing, he knew it was time to take things a step further with the idea of “farm to faceâ€.
“I would help my dad on the family farm and bring home what was grown to my mother.†says Vargas. “She would use these super foods and botanicals to make emollients, skin and health remedies. It was amazing to me how good her products made my skin feel and there was no question that I had to share this with the world.â€
Dedicated to the use of antioxidant rich super foods and virgin botanicals, Lumavera is growing its own crop of luxury. A pioneer in his field, Vargas is ready to share with others the natural, vitamin rich option when it comes to cleansing, rejuvenating and fighting the signs of aging. With a line that includes everything from Botanical Activating Toner to Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Night Cream and the Award Winning Oxygen Mask*, Lumavera is the secret to luxury seed to skin care.
The vision of Lumavera does not stop with skin. Food, water and shelter is a luxury for many children on the planet, Seeding Luxury is about seeding the future of young Americans. For Vargas, the importance of superfoods and health goes beyond cosmetic. With the new program Seeding Luxury, Lumavera will provide elementary school garden programs with seeds, giving children an in depth look at the science behind growing food and an ownership over healthy activities and eating habits. It’s a significant step for Vargas who knows firsthand how important a respect for healthy food and lifestyles can be at a young age. *Best Product2014 by LNE and Spa Magazine Readers