Let’s face it, we all cannot wait to show off our sun kissed summer skin! It’s the beginning of laying out in that blazing sun, then to jump into the cooling pool with the chill summer music playing in the background – putting a smile on my face just envisioning it. But after all of that sun exposure comes sun damage, unfortunately. We usually get to see the glorious sun spots and scars once our tanned skin fades, but how could one prevent those skin troubles to even occur?

Yes, sunscreen is a wonderful answer. Everyone should remember to apply apply apply! But who knew that there were actually products other than sunscreen to prevent your skin from showing those sun damaged spots? This is how you get your skin ready for summer:

Lumavera offers so many products that can help your skin heal from summer of 2015 to now be ready for the 2016 summer rays!

  • Say goodbye to sun-dried lips! Our Lip Filler is amazing for locking in moisture to your lips, along with creating definition and nourishing your lips over time.
  • The Skin Perfection Peel with DNA Enzyme Repair is great for peeling off the layer of your dull, winter skin, creating a fresh layer for your vitamin D-rich skin to shine!
  • Our 24-Hour Stem Cell Firming Moisturizer helps keep those cells metabolism up. This will help your skin stay looking fresh even when the sun tries to beat it down. You will continue to glow, and also help replenish any cells that might be dying or dead.
  • For all of the dirt that your skin might collect while laying out by the pool, beach, or even during every day life, Lumavera’s Superfood Facial Cleansing Gel is greatly beneficial for swiping your skin clean. It is even great for removing makeup, and helps your skin stay healthy and balanced.

We are all wanting to make sure our skin is “summer ready,†correct? Lumavera’s products are all super helpful to make sure that you have the skin you are wanting to show off this season! Get that summer-ready skin by purchasing our products. With our natural and healing ingredients found in our products, you will see your skin begin to improve, and keep improving, even with this summertime’s hazards.