Lumavera uses many different essential oils in their products, such as European Olive Oil, Argan Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil. Oils are great for your skin, because they hydrate and cleanse the skin of any toxins. This is a very important element to creating that glowing skin that you have been looking for!

Cleansing with oils is a great to pull the pollutants that might be causing skin problems out of your body, and you do so by applying products to your skin with these essential oils in them. Lumavera’s Glycolic Overnight Perfecting Crème and Botanical Activating Toner, are great ways to cleanse the skin. These oils that we use in our products will help create a clean slate for your skin to rejuvenate and become filled with all of the other natural ingredients that are also included in our products.

Why wait any longer to give your skin a little detox? Lumavera’s products are a click away to a fresher looking you!