You slept past your alarm, you’re in a hurry for work and there’s boatloads of traffic, your boss is being a huge pain in the you know what, it starts raining on you when you walk out of the office. There’s more traffic on your way home this time, now the kids are running around the house screaming knocking everything over, and now your boss calls you telling you something that you need to get done before tomorrow.

Feeling heated? So am I.

I sure you have all heard of the number one method to relaxation: the art of breathing. Taking a few deep breaths can create a mind up in flames to gradually simmer down. So, breathe, and read on.

Just like oxygen acts as a fire extinguisher to your anxiety, it can also act somewhat the same for your skin! Oxygen is one of the best anti-inflammatories for skin. You would see doctors use oxygen treatments on burn victims because it is a great way to calm skin that has been burned, along with initiating the skin’s healing process by stimulating collagen production.

Additionally, Oxygen is amazingly beneficial for your cells in the following ways:

  • When cells lack oxygen, they will start to decay, and soon die. Oxygen increases cell metabolism, which escalates the production of new cells.
  • The oxidation process (nutrient compounds being oxidized by enzymes) are our main source of energy. We can think of this in the sense of skin – the more oxygen your skin obtains, the more energetic your skin will appear!
  • Many of the worst toxic poisons in our body can be neutralized through oxidation by creating oxygen-rich blood cells to circulate from our lungs to the organs and glands of our bodies. Did you know that your skin is the largest organ our body has? Therefore, the more oxygen our blood cells acquire, the more our blood is circulating to our skin, making your skin look alive.
  • Oxygen therapy for your skin is anti-bacterial, which protects your skin from bacteria and viruses that might have been causing those annoying pimples on your skin.

All of these benefits of oxygen for your skin are right along side of Lumavera’s Oxygen Mask. Included on the bottle, the directions state to let the mask sit for 7-10 minutes. During this time, your oxygen-poor skin will soak up all of the nutrients and oxygen that the mask provides. For the best results, you should use this mask up to three times a week; this will soon expose your glowing and energetic skin!

Now you can take another deep breath. Not only do you have many less skin problems to worry about, but the continued beating of life will never be shown on your face again! Your Oxygen Mask awaits on our product page found on our website.